Our Values


Integrity generates trust. Commitment, a focus on people and a culture of being as good as our word are fundamental to integrity and inspire security and peace of mind.

We always try to work with the utmost dedication, taking care of every tiniest detail of our products and putting the customer at the centre of every process.

For us, Integrity means our word is our bond.


We see growth as an absolute value and not just an essential for our existence.

Growth is not just a matter of scale or capital; it means transforming and evolving as circumstances change. It involves cultural factors as well as mere tangibles.

For us, growth means striving for constant improvement.


Being competitive means being the best at responding to change.

To respond to the challenge, we put great emphasis on a culture of meritocracy, both within the company and outside, in the marketplace.

Every day we courageously do our very best, aiming to be chosen on the basis of our worth and determination.


Respect is rooted in our culture and is an essential precondition for living and working well, in a healthy working environment.

We give due consideration to not only the commitment and dedication but also the needs and demands of the people who work with us. We try to enhance their different talents and professionalisms to the full.

Respect means acting with integrity.


For us, inspiration is a profound source of excitement and enthusiasm, an emotion like that of the artist intent on the creation of his work.

We have grown up in an area that has made beauty its excellence. For us, being inspired means putting beauty into everything we do.

Inspiration also means fostering bonds between people; it generates an authentic spirit of participation, a feeling of belonging and responsibility.