A piece of Italian history

Our history is linked to that of Terni, the ancient Interamna founded by the Romans in 672 BC, a city which began its industrial development as far back as 1884, when the Government of the Kingdom of Italy chose it as the ideal place for building the country’s largest forge, for the production of armour and guns for the Navy.

This led to the construction of the Terni steel mill, “The most beautiful steelworks in the world”, as Enrico Schneider described it, the site of major innovations in plant design and technology, including the famous hundred tonne power hammer, the largest ever built.

In the years which followed, alongside its steel output Terni also developed a chemicals sector, becoming one of the most important industrial cities and Italy and worldwide.

Chapter 1

The beginning

Antonio Alunni began trading in machine tools in the early Thirties, serving some of the biggest users of forged parts. In 1967 he and his son Ettore decided to buy up a forging business based in Foligno and move it to Terni, the ideal location for a firm of this kind in view of the highly skilled workforce developed over almost a century of steel industry operations.

This led to the birth of Fucine Umbre.

Chapter 2

A growing excellence

After graduating in engineering, Ettore Alunni started his working life with an American oil industry multinational. He then returned to Italy and took over the management of the company, bringing in the modern management and production methods he had learnt about abroad. The first forging line was soon followed by other ones.

Chapter 3

The turning point

In the mid Seventies the company’s strategy was redrawn: using innovative, difficult-to-process materials, Fucine Umbre specialized in the forging of geometrically complex pieces in small and medium-sized lots.

The next challenge, and certainly a tough one, was to start serving the aeronautics market. A global market with very little room for new players, dominated then as now by a small number of large-sized competitors. Fucine Umbre rose to the challenge and gradually began to establish itself as a major supplier in the sector.

Chapter 4

The new season

In 2000 Ettore’s son Antonio Alunni, who had joined Fucine Umbre straight after graduating in economics, took over as the company’s President and leader, launching a multi-annual plan of large investments in every production and organisational area, aiming amongst other things to provide completely verticalised supply operations: this was achieved from 2008.

Thanks to this innovation process, today Fucine Umbre is able not only to produce forged parts but also to supply the market with pieces ready for installation on the assembly lines.

Chapter 5

Today and tomorrow

Fucine Umbre is a sound industrial undertaking, at the state of the art and growing, with 90% of its sales destined for the aeronautics industry, serving customers in Europe, North America and Asia.