Our Process

We believe it is strategic to carry out all production activities in-house to guarantee the best results in terms of quality, service and cost.


We design the forged piece and dies to the Customer’s requirements, using state-of-the-art CAD, CAE and CAM systems (Catia V5, Creo 2, Superforge 3D, WorkNC and Go Elan) which enable us to offer the best technical and cost solutions.


We produce all the dies and equipment for use in the forging process in-house and undertake the roughing and finishing machining of the forged parts with the aid of milling and turning centres with from 3 to 5 axes.


Our forging operations are carried out with double acting and counter-blow hammers (from 4500 to 13000 kgm), mechanical and screw presses (from 200 to 1000 tonnes) and hydraulic presses (from 1200 to 5000 tonnes). This variety of plant enables us to produce every part in the most effective, efficient way possible. Pieces are heated in electric and gas furnaces.

Heat Treatments

We perform heat treatments on all the materials processed, using electric furnaces, some with controlled atmosphere, with forced air, water or water and polymer quenching. We have held NADCAP accreditation since 2012.

Non Destructive Inspection

We inspect parts using magnetic particles, water washable and post emulsifiable liquid penetrants and contact and immersion ultrasonic. Our staff has III and II level certification under the EN 4179/NAS 410 standard and FPI, MPI and UT processes have been NADCAP accredited since 2008.

Surface Enhancement

We perform shot peening through a multi axis robotized equipment. Decontamination of processed parts is chemically and mechanically performed. We have held NADCAP accreditation since 2016.

Chemical Process

Conversion coating,  anodize chromic , hard and sulfuric acid are performed on aluminum alloy parts; passivation and electropolishing on stainless steels alloy parts. We have held NADCAP accreditation since 2016.


We perform pin and bushing installation.


We apply dry film lubricants and we perform the application of epoxy and polyutethane paints.


We have a laboratory capable of performing all tests required to check the compliance of the parts produced with the Customer’s quality requirements: dimensional inspections, metallurgic analyses, static and dynamic inspections tests and fracture analysis.