Italy, land of beauty

Italy is the land of beauty. Its cultural and scientific tradition, its incredible legacy of works of art and places that have shaped history, and its innumerable places of diverse natural beauty ensure that it is still a place that people dream about.

Umbria, the heart of Italy

Umbria is a time-honoured land, famous for its important artistic and natural heritage made up of towns, villages and abbeys immersed in rich and verdant vegetation, and of cities that conserve the charm of another time intact.

A crossroads of cultures

Because of its geographical location, Umbria is a meeting place of stories and cultures that have shaped its identity over the centuries. It has always stood out for its cultural density, an anthropological variety that means exchange, richness and openness. A crossroads that regales aesthetic beauty and delights the palate thanks to its famous culinary and winemaking tradition.

A land of great stories

Umbria is the land of the Saints, with its many places devoted to the lives and works of St. Francis, St. Benedict, St. Rita, St. Claire  and St. Valentine, and for this reason it is an important destination for religious pilgrims. Umbria is also a land of outstanding personalities from the worlds of culture, art and industry whose works have enriched the region with all kinds of treasures.